Leidos Event


Wed, May 4th, 2022 - 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Leidos - 2985 Scott Street, Vista, CA, 92081

As a leading supplier of security scanning equipment to the Department of Homeland Security and customs organizations around the world, Leidos is proud to open our doors and introduce San Diego’s kids, parents, teachers, industry leaders and community members to STEAM as part of the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering.

Participants of this event will tour the Leidos manufacturing floor at our Vista, California headquarters, where you will have the opportunity to visit four of our educational stations. In these stations, you will have the chance to become a TSA officer, while you operate a ProVison full body scan, a B220 Explosives detector, and a Reveal® Explosives Detection System (EDS) just like those operated by TSA, scanning airport luggage and capturing bad guys. You will then become a Customs Agent and learn the parts of the M6500 X-ray scanning vehicle and watch it deploy before you head south of the border to the Plaza VACIS® scanning system.

Need to know:

  • Every adult accompanying a student must be a US citizen and have a valid form of identification at sign-in the night of the event.
  • Each attendee, including children, must be vaccinated or maintain proof of a negative rapid antigen or PCR test collected within 96 hours of entry.
  • Registration/RSVP is required. To reserve your spot, please contact Marissa Marshall at  Marissa.J.Marshall@leidos.com or 760-224-3438
  • Learn more about Leidos and the systems that will be demonstrated.


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