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Music Notes STEM Concert

Started by a group of middle school teachers in Los Angeles, Music Notes specializes in creating educational hip hop songs and videos for all ages. They have traveled the country performing for over 100,000 students and their Youtube channel has gathered nearly 2,000,000 views. Music Notes will hit the stage at the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering ready to perform some of their most popular STEM songs, which will be sure to have audience members singing and dancing along.


Lilly will offer a series of hands-on, interactive or observational learning opportunities for a diverse audience, primarily (not exclusively) targeting pre-K, grad and middle school. Attendees will walk through different learning stations revolving around the concept of DNA structure and function, and effect of its modifications in biological models. Temporary tattoos, other giveaways will be available.

Boz Institute Life Science Research and Teaching Institute

The individual or group activity “Evolution Quest: From Cell to Species” is a fun, multi-stage mental and physical exercise: participants create an animal cell using fun props; applying molecular biology concepts learned in real-time, they generate DNA, assemble amino-acids, and make a peptide; using a genetic sequence comparison, they finally decide which species the structure belongs to. Besides knowledge, the award includes a Boz lab souvenir delivered by lab’s lab (certified service dog).


We will have a series of activities realted to DNA. We would like to be in the Park in the Park area with most likely the same set up. This year, I thought it could be an interesting idea to bring in some of our partners to have space in our area. I will follow-up as we get more information.

UCSD Bioengineering Graduate Society

UCSD BEGS will present 2 bioengineering demos at SDFSE 2023. The first demo showcases engineering design principles in the form of brainstorming, designing, and building a bacteriophage that will “attack” a bacteria of their choosing. The second demo will focus on tissue properties and structures as it relates to creating solutions for problems in human health. Students will replicate different tissue layers with common household items for bone, skin, and cardiac tissue.

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Salk scientists & staff will lead attendees through a DNA extraction from the wheat plant. Participants will be able to take home their completed experiment as a souvenir of their scientific learning. Salk scientists & staff with also be on hand to share about the amazing research happening at the Salk Institute & all of our dynamic programs available for youth & the community.

Marine Genome Project

Booth with fun activists for people of all ages showing how to extract DNA from strawberries, scuba diving equipment used to collect tissue samples from marine species, along with other activities relating to marine science and underwater exploration

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