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Mathematics and Art

Our booth will have mathematical activities geared toward creating works of art. Among the activities we will have are sketching activities that leverage projective geometry. In these activities participants will use central projections in order to create linear perspective drawings and anamorphic projections (think 3d sidewalk art, or the skull in Holbein's The Ambassadors). Members of CRMSE (professors and graduate students) will facilitate the activities. Additionally, we may include other activities that have/will be developed in the InforMath Research Collaborative at Balboa Park.

Engineer your own Origami Boats!

Students will build origami boats of varying levels of complexity and attempt to make the boats float in a tub of water. We will provide additional materials (e.g. Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, etc.) to challenge kids to propel their boats from one end of the tub to the other. Participants can also choose to race against one another.

Escondido Police Department

The Escondido Police Department aims to expose students to the Crime Lab and Traffic Division and their dependence on math, physics, and scientific principles to complete investigations. The Crime Lab and Traffic Division will showcase the equipment utilized to gather data and conduct experiments used for investigations. Officers and laboratory technicians will explain how scientific principles are used daily to solve crimes and determine how traffic collisions occurred.

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