Illumina Genomic Discoveries Program

Illumina Genomic Discoveries Program

The Illumina Genomic Discoveries(IGD) program is a partnership between Illumina and Generation STEAM that provides opportunities for classrooms to access free Genomics curriculum through the means of hands-on wet lab experiences and in a virtual simulation lab format. This program empowers teachers to create meaningful, work-based learning experiences for students around the field of Genomics and exposes them to the biotech industry through curriculum content, career panels, virtual field trip resources and summer internship experiences. The IGD program directly supports teachers and educators in the K-16 space through expertly designed professional development opportunities, training in emerging technology in the industry, wet-lab skills, direct industry connections, and program implementation support.

IGD Lab-in-a-Box

The IGD Lab-in-a-Box program is a professional development and wet lab experience that empowers educators to bring Next-Generation Sequencing into the classroom. Once educators complete training with Generation STEAM, they will have access to our equipment and consumables kit check out program where they are provided all materials to prepare provided DNA samples to sequence on an iSeq™ 100 sequencing platform machine. This program is currently only available to educators in the Greater San Diego area. If you are interested receiving more information about this program, or are interested in supporting the expansion of this program to your region, please contact us.

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IGD Virtual Experience

The IGD Virtual Experience program is a simulated-lab experience that empowers educators to bring Next-Generation Sequencing into the classroom. Students will explore this technology using ancient DNA to extrapolate conclusions about human migration throughout history. Students will prepare DNA samples to sequencing on an iSeq™ 100 sequencing platform machine using the Illumina Virtual Lab to complete a DNA Library Preparation and a Library Clean Up protocol, providing a deep, technical understanding of Illumina DNA sequencing technology.

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IGD Certified Educator Program

Are you interested in expanding on your own learning about the field of genomics and emerging technologies in the industry? Generation STEAM hosts in-person and virtual professional development opportunities to dive deeper into the field of genomics, general genetics concepts, bioinformatics, Next-Generation Sequencing and Sequencing-by-Synthesis technology. During this training educators will also receive guidance on curriculum integration, information about standards alignment and technical training for the Illumina Virtual Lab software and scaffolded curriculum to bring your learning into the classroom.

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Additional Educator Resources

There are a variety of other resources and events that we support along with the Illumina Genomic Discoveries program. For example, we help support Illumina Future is Bright Campaign, as a celebration of DNA Day on April 25, where Illumina supports classroom career chats and provides DNA extraction kits to classrooms across the country. Interested in additional resources to support you and your students learning? Fill out this survey to let us know what resources you are interested in and we will follow up with you!

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