Real World Applications of Bioengineering with UCSD

Saturday, May 1, 2021 - 11:00 to 11:30

Have you ever wanted to learn more about some cool applications of bioengineering? Come join the Bioengineering Graduate Society at UCSD as we talk about two different bioengineering topics: bacteriophages and chromatography

Bacteria and viruses are known to cause many different diseases, but bioengineers can “reprogram” these microorganisms to get them to help us instead of hurt us. Join us as we explain how a certain type of virus called “bacteriophages” can be engineered to fight bacterial infections and how it saved the life of one of our own faculty members!

We will also demonstrate how you can use simple materials to do your very own chromatography experiment at home!
If you want to do this activity with us, you will need:
White paper coffee filters
Black nonpermanent marker
Coffee cup or mug

Bioengineering Graduate Society at UCSD
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Middle School
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